Hotel Saint Cloud, the elegance of the Hauts de Seine, the charm of Paris

Choosing a hotel Saint Cloud is not a coincidence. It is to be in search of an impeccable location, a welcome with style, a room with personality, services that meet your expectations: welcome to Les Jardins de Saint Cloud.


Hotel Saint Cloud, ideal location

A few hundred meters from the national domain lies Les Jardins de St Cloud. This establishment is the best choice to stay in Paris while avoiding the heart of the capital. This hotel Saint Cloud is just a few hundred metres from the ring road and Paris itself. Closer still, the means of public transport ensure you can get around without wasting time. Everything that matters in Paris is within easy reach for a quick trip, whether it's tourism, with the Champs Elysée, or work, with the La Défense district. It is a crucial choice when coming to Ile de France to put the whole capital nearby. And this Saint Cloud hotel close to Paris is exceptional for that.


Hotel in Saint Cloud, an exemplary quality

In the Hauts-de-Seine department, Les Jardins de Saint Cloud is a model pupil as the establishment, completely renovated, offers the possibility of an exceptional stay. There are of course about sixty rooms, from 20 to 50 m². Made of woodwork and marble, with an office area, a second bed and a kitchenette, they offer a rare space in a hotel Saint Cloud of this level of quality. The establishment also stands out from the hotel offer on the outskirts of Paris by its catering. Forget the classic hotel restaurants, forget the courier deliveries and say hello to the connected kitchen. A giant refrigerator makes it possible to offer morning dishes throughout the day with fresh, healthy, regional and seasonal products. Pleasure and greediness are combined for an original connected cuisine in a Saint Cloud hotel near Paris. Beyond the meals and your autonomy, you will be under the spell also for the services of the establishment, from the indoor infinity pool to the spa, the fitness room and the availability of the team. Your stay in Paris is already a success.


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