Hôtel les Jardins de Saint-Cloud, a hotel near La Défense for an unforgettable business stay

When you book a hotel near La Défense, it's easy to make the most of your business stay in Paris. But the Hôtel les Jardins de Saint-Cloud goes even further.

a hotel close to the La Défense business district

When you come to Paris for business, choosing a hotel close to the La Défense district makes sense. The Hôtel Les Jardins de Saint-Cloud, on rue Dantan, is obviously ideally located between La Défense and Paris, between the ring road, the A13 and the Quai Marcel Dassault. You'll be able to navigate all over the Ile de France with ease and speed from this apartment hotel for business stays. But the cross on the map isn't the only advantage that professionals love. Whether you're looking for a one-night stay or an extended stay of several weeks, you'll be charmed by the hotel. The spa and indoor pool keep you in shape, and the buffet breakfast is a treat every morning. But what professionals on a business trip to Paris are looking for above all in this hotel near La Défense is suitable accommodation.

an aparthotel for business stays in Saint-Cloud

The Hôtel Les Jardins de Saint-Cloud is an aparthotel, and one of the finest aparthotels in the Hauts de Seine. Its 62 rooms are all studios with built-in kitchens and plenty of storage space for those staying for long periods. All the comforts of a luxury establishment such as this one, with air-conditioning, a spacious bathroom, a quiet living area and contemporary decor. In terms of facilities, this apartment hotel near La Défense has everything you need: air conditioning, TV, desk, premium bedding, free wi-fi.

For a night, a week or a month, to be close to La Défense, the department's hospitals or the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud, this apartment hotel for business stays near Paris really does meet all requirements. All you have to do is choose between the Studio Classique, the Studio Confort or the Studio Exécutive, and you'll be sure to love coming to work in Paris.

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