Your family weekend in Paris

Your family stay in an apart-hotel 

Have you thought about your accommodation ? Each establishment offers specific facilities: breakfast, private bathroom, laundry... You will easily find all its services in an apartment-hotel. Quite practical, you might say, especially when you are out and about in Paris with your children

It is a furnished rental which offers you a great autonomy during your holidays. With an integrated kitchen area, a living room and a private bathroom, everything is there to make your stay as free as possible. The fully equipped studio rental includes several services that you will also find in a hotel such as breakfast or free Wi-Fi

Saint-Cloud, a town with good transport links and close to Paris

Saint-Cloud is located west of Paris, very close to Boulogne-Billancourt. Capital of the Hauts-de-Seine department, it is a town on the outskirts of Paris without the disadvantages

A true green city on a human scale, it is very well served by public transport. Its geographical location is very convenient for your travels. You can even reach La Défense with ease. 

Team's Tip #1 : some sites are still more accessible very early in the morning, at lunchtime or, when possible, at night.

Paris and its activities for children

Discover Eiffel Tower

For your ideal family weekend, there is nothing better than going to the most beautiful city in the world. The first site we think of when we think of Paris is of course Eiffel Tower ! Despite its images of an iconic monument and crowded with tourists, children generally find it splendid. This is an opportunity for you to make a pleasant and above all unmissable family visit to Paris. 

Team's Tip #2 : anticipate your visit to the inner tower by reserving your e-tickets. This will give you a date and time when your waiting time will be shorter than usual.  

Team's Tip #3 : the cheapest tickets are on the Eiffel Tower website ! 

Free museums for children 

Let them discover the evolution of dinosaurs at the famous National Museum of Natural History. It offers free admission for those under 26 years of age. In addition, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie offers them the opportunity to carry out experiments so that they can spend a fun and entertaining time during your family weekend in Paris.

Team's Tip #4 : take advantage of  Jardin des Plantes, a must-see Parisian site that is part of the Museum.

Activities for children under 6 years old

Toddlers are also entitled to their activity packs. We are talking about your children aged 2, 3, 4 or 5. Of course, you will find simple outings to do in Paris, such as pony rides, exhibitions made for them or a trip to the zoo. Luckily, Paris also has surprises in store for them to experience only in the City of Lights with a Guignol show visible in kiosks or parks, as well as baby concerts to entertain themselves before the age of 6. Jazz is also another way to enjoy a musical show during your Parisian holidays.  

Translated with (free version)

You will see that he will be intrigued by your surprise and your little one will be delighted with his holiday !

With teenagers in Paris

Visiting the Eiffel Tower as a family 

The Eiffel Tower remains the first idea that comes to mind. Just like children, teenagers will be able to walk up the more than 600 steps to reach the second floor !

Team's Tip #5 : Reserve this activity for older children as it lasts about 30 minutes.

The museums of Paris with your family

Propose to visit 14 km of art and history in the Louvre Museum. It will be the ideal moment to discover the mythical works they have heard so much about : The Mona Lisa, Liberty guiding the people...

Family activity in Paris : canoeing

Who said you couldn't canoe in Paris ? The youngest ones will have the opportunity to try their hand at canoeing on the Ourq canal to spend a sporty but above all fun afternoon !


Your future stay at Les Jardins de Saint-Cloud

Our team remains at your disposal for any further information concerning family outings in Paris. Feel free to contact us and let us know your ideas for your next booking for a successful family holiday !

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